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Debut Novel
Ilana Harris

Ilana Harris

My Story

I am a writer and Jewish educator who grew up in the UK and am now living in Beit Shemesh with my husband and five children. My Judaic studies include a year studying at Midreshet Tehillah Seminary. After graduating Cambridge University, I completed an Educator’s Fellowship through Lindenbaum Seminary and Hebrew University. I taught Jewish studies at JFS school in England, then returned to Midreshet Lindenbaum to further my learning of Jewish texts. Since making Aliyah I have taught in various frameworks and gap year programs in Jerusalem. 

This novel was inspired by my passion and enthusiasm for the biblical story of Jonah. Years of teaching these four chapters prompted me to weave together historical details with contemporary and classic interpretations. “Jonah, House of Fish,” explores Jonah and his challenges, whilst also highlighting the depth and wisdom contained within this biblical text. 


By bringing the feelings and experiences of the prophet Jonah to life, my book provides an exciting and interesting read. As an educator, it is important for me to include my sources at the back of the book for those who are interested; allowing the reader the opportunity to discover new insights or delve deeper into the text. 


Jonah-House of Fish

The prophet Jonah was summoned by God to urge the people of Nineveh to repent from their wicked deeds.


In his attempt to avoid this divine task, Jonah fled by ship to Tarshish. On his journey he experienced a wild storm at sea, was thrown overboard, and swallowed by a large fish.


These strange and unexpected events lead Jonah to confront his beliefs and face his destiny. 

Jonah-House of Fish

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"With her evident passion for the Bible and its rich traditions, Harris draws both on the text itself and rabbinic sources of interpretation to create a vibrant account of a biblical story, an enjoyable and insightful read."

Dr Yael Ziegler

Academic Director of Matan

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